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When inspiration strikes

Sometimes...more often than not, I'm amazed at how ideas come to me. I don't take the initial credit for any of it. I know it formulates in the ether and if I am open I will receive that creative message, and then it's off to the races. Speaking of, this could be your summer posh hat when you make your next trip to the derby. We may need to bling it up a bit with some feathers flowers n such. And rest assured I'm down for the customization.

Back to my initial point. I saw a shape reflection or better yet shadow on something that looked like the shape of my new visor half caps.

If it wasn't for that I may never have created these designs. I'm always thankful for those moments because they give me something exciting to create. I tell you it happens allot while I'm meditating as well. If you're having a creative block stop trying just sit and take some deep breaths and let your mind wander. It's not traditional meditation but along the same lines because you are relaxed and letting things flow. Einstein solved allot of his problems this way. He would often doze off during and if he dropped a pen or nodded it was just at the eureka moment. Something along those lines anyway. And I can attest that it certainly does work.

Have you had moments like this? Do you have a source you give credit to for nudging you along?

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