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Dope Chics Thrift!

If you're a thrifter reading this then I'm sure you relate to this title. Without a doubt if you thrift there's something special about your style, be it quirky, classic, hippy, or chic. The list is endless, but whatever the case may be you have found your lane outside of traditional shopping. You prefer a one of a kind find apposed to off the rack items that anyone else can have.

My life of thrifting began when I moved to South Carolina and I discovered a small thrift store that carried marked off items from designer brands. They would slice the inner tag and as far I've ever seen, that's all that was usually damaged. I remember in that store I found a jacket who's image I had meticulously cut from a Victoria's Secret catalog and glued onto one of my first vision boards. It was on my vision board because it was expensive! Yet here it was for about $20. I yanked that thing off the rack so fast! That scenario is what ignited the thrill of the hunt in me and from that point on I was in love with thrifting. After moving to Atlanta and getting my own place, eventually everything I owned from couches to cups was thrifted. I was on a budget but I also like quality and style. And I found all of the Dope spots in Atlanta to shop. Sadly most of those places have closed, moved or don't have the same hauls. But that doesn't stop me from finding lovely pieces like this gold woven green tunic dress paired over skinny black jeans and ankle boots which were what... thrifted. The shoes were literally brand new! The dress was handmade by a skilled seamstress and I love it.

These days so many more of us are out here and the competition to find and thrift great items is becoming fierce. But I love the competition because it means there are more like minded individuals who value quality, style, keeping trash out of landfills and embracing their unique individual style.

Personally I was initially drawn to jewelry when I hit a thrift store and the possibility of finding really unique pieces was always on my agenda. Heading home and turning clothing finds into completely new designs was the best part! Thinking back on those times is why I decided to create some items to celebrate thrifters. Honey Beloved was founded on the whole idea of reusing, upcycling, and recycling. So without further ad0...

Here I'm sharing a sampling of what you can find on the site under "Thrifted". All of the items featured in the collection are made on demand. Meaning nothing is sitting on a shelf with the possibility of becoming trash if there aren't any orders. But I still want you to go find yourself something cute to go thrifting in of course! And just for following along this far here's a little something extra for you. A discount for this collection! Use Code "DCT100" at checkout for 10% OFF of your purchase. If you've enjoyed this post don't forget to like and share! And I certainly don't mind if you follow. It gives me motivation to keep blogging.

Enjoy your day my friend! And happy thrifting.

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