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Taking it to the court.

On any given day you might find me in sport attire or something glammed up. And for this reason I decided to mix the best of both worlds. Because there are many of you out there just like me I had a bright idea. HB Sport! If you're going to get into some sneakers on a whim you should have the accessories to match. Most often we usually just find ourselves in the typical gold hoops of some sort. No pun intended. But if I do say so my self these designs are a slam dunk.

We already know about the impeccable style of

And that she obviously doesn't mind playing on the sporty glam squad. Let's take a page from style her book and combine it with some HB Sport. And by all means if you have your very own jewelry looks feel free to share. I love to see other ideas on fashion and accessory pairings. You can even share you looks in our Bconnected community.

Take a look at the style blogger who could also work this HB Sport look effortlessly. She is all about mixing sport with high fashion.

We have a casual paring with a slight bit of glam. The ruffles at the ankles combined with brass elements on the earrings. A tan scarf in relation to tan leather. The tie die duster compliments the blue and white striped rope. And a hit of red from both styles makes this a sporty duo made in heaven. Kind of like the match up of two great players. What are your thoughts on these paired looks?

Do you have something in your wardrobe that you think would pair better? If so drop a comment and a pic!

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