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The Upcycled Life

Welcome to the Upcycled Life. Many of you all may not know that my brand and lifestyle revolve around recycling and upcycling.

Most HB jewelry is comprised of recycled materials whenever possible. You can even see a percentage ranking when selecting items on the site.

I fell in love with the texture, pattern and color of this tunic dress at a thrift store and had to have it! Cut and flow are just my vibe. Boho chic all day.

My belt is Thrifted as well. It was a bit too big so I cut it down and adjusted with other recycled leather for a new perfect fit.

These ankle booties were literally never worn and I snatched them up of course from one of my fave spots @buffaloexchange

This collection of jewelry are all Honey Beloved handcrafted pieces utilizing aprox 90% recycled materials.

Many of the items I'm wearing are leather and many may ask how are you vegan but wear leather? That's something I had to weigh out. I use materials as I've said that have already been used. I feel it is only fitting to extend the life of leather form animals for as long as possible to avoid unnecessary killing of others. These materials also last way beyond the life of man-made plastics and such which further harm the environment. I choose to collect these materials to loving respect the lives of the animals that were used. My idea would be that we get to a place of only collecting from animals who've died of natural causes.

The next time you have something you no longer need, donate it or give it to a friend who could use it. Even swapping is a great way to reduce waste.

Enjoy the weekend folks😘

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