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Subconscious Creating

Do you detail about what it is you were ACTUALLY thinking about some moments ago. And I don't mean when you put the chips in the fridge. Recently while sewing I paused mid stitch after realizing for some time my mind hadn't rolled over the bullshit details of an event plaguing me all throughout the day. Which brings me to Subconscious Creating. This isn't the latest fad trending but moreover a glimpse into how we are creating in our lives. The subconscious is where our life stories are crafted and reiterated in any given moment when left to it's own devices. I'm sure you've heard that most of your thinking isn't intentional thinking. That upwards of 90% of the time there's just a free for all thought-capade of streaming content happening. From the argument you should have, could have, maybe did have, to the traumatic experience that was damn near 15 years ago. My most rampant mind spasms happen when lost in the most mundane activities, brushing my teeth, driving. Even during conversations we drift off! But when I'm making, I am lost in it. It's where I feel happiest, most connected, like I'm wrapped in a cocoon called home. I find that when your subconscious takes over while being creative or immersed in something positive this automatically sets the tone for the type of thoughts your mind pulls from and entertains. It's less likely to sift through the garbage. Over time you are less an less a hoarder of self eroding memories, conversations and thoughts that become woven together and the intricate story of who you are. Find as much time as possible to lose yourself in whatever it is that gives you an at home type of feeling within. If your subconscious is running on auto pilot you should at the very least want to have some input on the destination. That destination should be the most amazing place you could ever want to be. Why, because this is where YOU constantly reside...with YOU. You should be decorating the walls, hanging art, putting nice scents in the air. Aka delivering the message to your subconscious, writing the code for your life in a beautiful way. Don't get hung up on whether or not it's your passion or gift. Just focus on how much you enjoy that certain thing and do more of that thing. You'll be better for it. That's all I'm saying!

What in the word are you thinking?

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