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You never know...

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Unexpected things fall into place and make life unfold in fantastic ways. I met the lovely @badfish_midriff featured here wearing #honeybeloved earrings and a t-shirt by no cruelty on social media. She happens to be #vegan and so am I. And although all of my products are not vegan, the pair of earrings she received for this shoot just so happened to be. I was also unaware that the shoot was for @nocruelty a t-shirt brand that promotes a #crueltyfree lifestyle and #fairpaidlabor. Everything just lined up for a beautiful collaboration. I feel there are no such things as coincidences but rather experiences we have attracted to ourselves through our thoughts and our desires. This happens for little things often missed and huge things we can't overlook. What times have you noticed this happening in your life? #lawofattraction

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