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Damaged In Denim

As fast fashion declines more individuals like myself are embracing traditional means of providing fashion through MOD: Made On Demand methods. This ensures that products are meeting real demands, essentially cutting down on waste and mismanagement of resources. Your donations will be used specifically for fabric, notions, actual production costs and marketing.

Successful campaigns for small businesses is a win win for all involved. Not only does it help the individual but it helps the overall economy. Every time an entrepreneur succeeds they create more opportunities for others to do the same.

With your support we intend to make our first round of our denim duster available to consumers for the fall winter of 2020/2021 which means production should begin within the next 90 days. Since we have already invested in patterns and sample production we are ready for the production phase. In order to remain clear of dept as we have to date we are in need of support in order to move forward with the launch of our products. This will be our first substantial collection of items produced for the public with your support.

Our Gift to You: You will receive a lovely Damaged In Denim Gift based on your tier donation amount. Please visit to view all gifts.

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