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The outfit to my earrings.

Women that love statement jewelry generally love statement fashions as well. But that isn't always the case. Sometimes statement jewelry may be one woman's way of being a little rebellious against her own restricted fashion sense. Bling on the ears but toned down in the garment. And there is nothing wrong with that philosophy. There's also the women who take this approach when it comes to office attire, as to not lose themselves during the 9-5 no frills allowed workweek. But after hours they are full on statement! What category do you find yourself in? Are you someone who also switches based on the circumstance? Or maybe you're just getting your feet wet embracing a gradual change and felt this is the best place to start. If so, You may like the idea of the outfit to my jewelry. I started this theme as a good way to get the ideas flowing for those of you on the hunt for your new look. For myself I go with the circumstance. I was definitely one to add some flair to my jewelry at the office if I had to keep the rest simple.

But as a fashion lover and a jewelry designer I love so many types of fashion and I hate being restricted. So I started coming up with collections based around different themes. The earrings featured below from "Boho Chic" represent a woman with all the extra statement one could possibly apply, but in a unique well put together esthetic. Similar to the woman above in this eye catching multi toned animal print suit. It all speaks volumes in the most magical fashion forward way. I would love to hear about your fashion sense and what inspires you when coming up with your individual looks. You may have actually purchased jewelry from my brand in the past. If so I would love to see how you have styled them. You may get a feature here on the blog! You can also share with the Bconnected Community.

I'm so looking forward to hearing from you!


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