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I'm so excited you're here!

When we met I said I wanted to stay in touch. I would first like to say thank you because as a new entrepreneur many of you have given me insightful information to help me grow my brand. You seemed genuinely interested in my success and I whole heartedly appreciate that! So here I am inviting you into my Honey Beloved world so we can become friends. I'd like to know about you and your world as well because life isn't just about selling things. So please send me your comments and thoughts. It's about connections which we seem to have fewer and fewer of. I'm not a professional blogger or writer so this is all new to me and I'm hoping we can go on this journey of development together. I'll be sharing some behind the scenes moments, styling tips, my life as a creative and of creations. So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe so we can stay in touch!

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